Effects of various compounds on central nervous system neurons as potential therapeutics against epilepsy

Xenon has developed isoform selective blockers of the sodium channels that are expressed in CNS neurons with the intent of developing them for therapeutic use, especially epilepsy. The primary goal of this research project is to determine the activity of compounds on CNS neurons. Until now, all characterization has been done with heterologously expressed channels. Until recently, a major impediment to such studies is the heterogenous nature of CNS neurons, so that a large number of studies need to be conducted for a complete characterization. Xenon has implemented a 384 well automated voltage-clamp that is well suited to such studies. The instrument is capable of both current- and voltage-clamp studies at physiological temperature. The objective of this internship will be to use automated voltage-clamp to characterize the pharmacology of appropriate CNS neurons.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Ruben


Mohammad-Reza Ghovanloo


Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc




Medical devices




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