Efficient Prototyping of Linear Actuators Through Numerical Modeling

Within the gaming and aviation industries, there is a demand for simulators that imitate flight. Peripheral flight yokes are often used. The industry desires yokes that are both affordable and realistic. Recently, Iris Dynamics Ltd. has developed a new flight yoke that offers superior performance with respect to its competitors at a relatively low price. Their unique design is based on the use of a linear actuator, wherein the force on a magnetic shaft centered within current carrying coils is used to create the feeling of an actual flight yoke; their competitors simulate the feeling of flight through mechanical means. Using a single linear actuator is a novel approach to peripheral yoke design and scaling this technology is an active area of inquiry. The objective of the internships is to provide Iris Dynamics Ltd. with a numerical simulation tool that will allow for the optimal design of new flight yokes of various sizes, these designs being compatible with force, input power, and heat management specifications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kenneth Chau


Max Bethune-Waddell


Iris Dynamics Ltd.




Information and communications technologies




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