Efficient Screening Method for Novel Fluorescent Emitters

Canadian public and private researchers have taken an interest in a new class of light-emitting materials which can produce better colour in OLED smartphone and television screens. Currently, the only way to fully confirm that a specific material in this class has the desired properties is to build it into a prototype OLED pixel. This slows discovery, because researchers need to figure out how to make larger batches of a specific material just to confirm whether that material is useful. This project will create a testing method that only needs small quantities, which is based on a method that was proven to work for a similar kind of material. When complete, researchers will be able to test materials more quickly, which will speed up the process of creating materials for specific tasks.

Faculty Supervisor:

Timothy Bender


Nina Francesca Farac


Amber Molecular Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Toronto



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