Electric bus demonstration and integration trail

Electrification of transit vehicles is a part of Ontario’s long-term strategy to reduce transportation-related GHG emissions. However, transit agencies and utility/local distribution companies face significant technological and operational hurdles in integrating “off the shelf” electric bus technologies. This project aims to overcome the social and technical challenges associated with a lack of international standardization for overhead charging systems. Given the gaps of trail data and neutral demonstration settings regarding performance with real world application, this project will provide a cost comparative model for the lifecycle degradation of both electric and diesel bus options. Further research will address the impacts of carbon pricing on municipal transit agencies, a GHG score card methodology development, and normative consultation sessions based on expert insights to deploy the next generation technologies of integrated mobility systems for Canadian transit.

Faculty Supervisor:

Philip Walsh


Joshua Goodfield


Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium


Environmental sciences


Information and communications technologies




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