Electric mobility in Canada: public discourse in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec

The overall objective for this project is to support the research of one master’s student who will help advance the research related to the social discourse of sustainable transportation and climate policy in Canada. In this field, START, in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at SFU, is one of the leading research teams in the country and Navius Research Incorporated is the leading Canadian consulting firm, providing support to governments and other stakeholders in the development and assessment of climate policy. The project focuses on assessing ZEV policy discourse in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec by analyzing newspaper coverage and data from a climate policy survey. This research aims to generate a better understanding of the narrative related to the introduction and implementation of zero-emission vehicles and their policy in unique Canadian regions. Comparing results from these three leading provinces will shed light on contrasting policy pathways and regional differences in the socio-politico acceptance of low-carbon technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jonn Axsen;Shane Gunster


Audrey Aubertin


Navius Research Inc


Environmental sciences



Simon Fraser University



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