Electro-bioreactor (EBR) upgrading for high ammonium removal

The objective of this project is to build up an electro-biological system of high potential capacity for the removal of ammonium and phosphorus. Conventional biological treatment methods have limited capacity for removal of ammonia at higher concentrations. However, anammox bacteria have a high capacity to remove ammonium. The electro-biological treatment aims to enhance this capacity by electrically activating anammox bacteria on a fixed media. The work of the intern will be dedicated to study the feasibility of scaling up the compact electro-bioreactor so that the partner organization can use it for commercial applications, particularly where high ammonium concentration is a problem in treated wastewater. Works related to this project will be conducted partially in Environmental Lab and partially at the pilot facilities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maria Elektorowicz


Sara Ranjbar


Technologies Clinnup Inc


Engineering - civil




Concordia University



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