Electrochemical Impedance Modeling and Optimization of Li-Ion Battery Utility using Active Battery Management System (ActiveBMS) – Year two

In the last decade, lithium-ion batteries (LIB) have become the most popular power sources for consumer devices, telecommunication, energy storage systems, as well as electric vehicles. This type of batteries is indispensable in maintain our modern society. GBatteries have developed an active battery management system (ActiveBMS), which hinders LIB degradation mechanisms, such as the anode cracking and temperature growth by continuously adapting bursts of energy during the charging process. ActiveBMS is an innovative technological approach for battery management that enhances battery performance by optimizing ion flow based on measurement of a battery’s unique state and condition in real-time. The project aims to provide insights of LIBs degradation during cycling by ActiveBMS in comparisons with the conventional CCCV protocols. The insights will be correlated to EIS signals which in turn would be used to allow further improvements of LIBs and ActiveBMS technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elena Baranova


Evans Monyoncho


GBatteries Energy Canada Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological






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