Electrodialysis treatment of Kraft black liquo rusing Bipolar membrane

The production capacity of the Kraft process is one of the important measures in the pulp and paper industry. A promising method for increasing the production capacity of the Kraft process is to lower the load of the recovery boiler by means of extracting lignin from the black liquor (BL).

One of the sustainable methods for this purpose is employing membrane separation processes such as electrochemical extraction. In particular, electrodialytic treatment with bipolar membrane leads to separation of various elements based on their chemical, physical, and electrochemical properties and production of caustic soda. BL consists of electrolytes such as well as non electrolytes such. Hence, electrodialysis with bipolar membrane (EDBPM) is an effective way for lignin extraction from BL.

The set of experimental work planned in this internship provides valuable knowledge for a practical EDBPM design and allows us to reflect on the potential and operating window of EDBPM as an alternative method for lignin extraction from Kraft BL.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jean Paris


Maryam Haddad




Engineering - chemical / biological




Polytechnique Montréal



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