Electrokinetic Dewatering of Orr Dam Sediment

This project involves a technical evaluation of the use of electrokinetic (EK) technology to dewater sediments that built up behind the Orr Dam in Stratford, to facilitate their removal and the continuation of normal Dam activities. EK dewatering involves the use of an applied electric field to a mass of soil in order to facilitate the removal of water from the soil. When an electric field is applied, the water is moved from the anode (positively charged electrode) to the cathode (negatively charged electrode). The technical evaluation will be carried out through the use of a lab-scale cell setup, which will determine among other things design parameters, effectiveness and efficiency of the EK dewatering on the soil. The partner organization stands to benefit from an efficient and inexpensive method of treating the soil before it can be disposed.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Julie Shang


Roman Elazar


Upper Thames River Conservation Authority






Western University



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