Electronic Data Capture in the Care of Chronic Pain: Identifying Barriers and Improving Usability

Chronic pain is a widespread disorder, leading to devastating personal and financial costs for patients and the Canadian healthcare system. As such, there is a need to identify factors associated with improved pain care. Previous research suggests that, although limited in practice, the use of technology to electronically collect patient data may allow for more effective and complete patient care. The purpose of this project is to evaluate a newly developed electronic platform (i.e., Thrive Health) for the assessment of chronic pain. Specifically, Study 1 will use a detailed survey to assess barriers perceived by physicians in the care of chronic pain, as well as their perceptions of electronic platforms used to collect patient-data. Study 2 will pilot the platform at a local pain clinic and evaluate patient feedback. Findings from these studies will be used to optimize the Thrive Health platform and improve chronic pain care.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Holtzman


Kimberley Kaseweter


Thrive Health




Information and cultural industries


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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