Elimination of Emerging Contaminants in Wastewater by Electrical Plasma-Membrane Technologies Hybridization Method

Medication used everyday to help cure various diseases, or even alleviate pain, ends up in the sewage system due to the less than perfect consumption of these medicines in the body and excretion of the unused portion. These compounds eventually find their way to the environment since the current treatment methods in wastewater treatment plants are not capable of complete elimination of pharmaceutical compounds. In the environment, pharmaceutical contaminants can harm aquatic species and potentially have negative effects on humans if they end up in drinking water sources. The aim of this project is to design, develop and evaluate the efficiency of a new class of water and wastewater treatment methods inspired from the natural cleaning power of lighting bolts (electrical plasma). This project will help Roshan Water Solutions, a student start-up company, to develop new treatment technologies for adoption in hospitals that are the most important single source of pharmaceutical contaminants in the environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohtada Sadrzadeh


Amirreza Sohrabi


Roshan Water Solutions


Engineering - mechanical


Medical devices




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