Embracing 2030: Muslim Community Strategies and Priorities for the Future

Various waves of immigration have altered the profiles of Muslim communities in Alberta demanding a need for better data and information for both short and long term planning of services and infrastructure.  This need poses challenges not only to individual civil society organizations, but also to cross-organization coalitions seeking to build common ground upon which to facilitate more comprehensive service efforts.  To this end, using published demographic data, and information gathered from various focus group interviews, this project seeks to identify high-level issues across and between Islamic communities in Edmonton.  In considering these issues, this research aims to create a methodological template for the development of a more robust, sustainable program for the maintenance and further development of Edmonton Muslim community profiles.  In particular, this research will highlight various vulnerabilities, strengths, and needs facing the Edmonton Muslim community, and will propose recommendations for future research and planning.  

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Earle Waugh


Maryam Razavy


AQL Management Consulting Inc.




Construction and infrastructure


University of Alberta



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