Emergency Management Planning for Indigenous Communities

For Indigenous communities, emergency management involves adopting community strategies and activities that meet the health and safety requirements of citizens while protecting, sustaining and enhancing the community infrastructure and resources that will be needed in the future. This research project will consider recent developments that resulted from the COVID-19 global pandemic and will explore how to promote collaborative emergency management planning between Indigenous governments and external stakeholders. The research will involve three steps: first, a review of current emergency management strategies employed by federal/provincial/territorial governments; second, a review of how emergency management strategies can be integrated into the administrative structures of Indigenous governments; and, third, a theoretical assessment of how to enhance the coordination of emergency management planning by Indigenous governments with external stakeholders in accordance with the inherent Indigenous right to self-determination.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brent Mainprize;John Borrows


Wilfred Chanze Gamble


Brian Payer and Associates Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Victoria



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