Emotion Regulation & Executive Functions in Adolescents Practicing Martial Arts

The intern will play an integral role in the completion of a pilot treatment study to explore the feasibility and sensitivity of neurobiological measures to explore brain-based changes in emotion regulation and executive functions (e.g., impulse control) associated with participation in Mindfulness Martial Arts (MMA). MMA is a treatment program developed at Integra that integrates evidence-based mental health therapy into the milieu of martial arts training. The intern will develop skills in EEG and ECG administration and data analysis. She will also gain an understanding of MMA and its treatment components and how specific treatment components are associated with activation of different areas in the brain. She will share her knowledge and expertise about neurobiology and emotion regulation with the clinical and management team at Integra, thereby futhering their understanding of the LD/mental health population and the impact of MMA. Integra will use this information to support the identification of MMA as an evidence-based treatment and to develop a national/international training program to support its dissemination.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Karen Milligan


Leanne Wilkins






Life sciences


Ryerson University



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