Enabling Decision Making for Lower Mainland Facilities Management through Seismic Risk Modelling of Hospital Infrastructure

Healthcare infrastructure plays a key role in the recovery of communities in a post-disaster scenario. In seismically active regions, such as western Canada, an understanding of the seismic performance of hospitals is essential to inform emergency management and effectively mitigate earthquake risk. This research project aims to develop new methodological approaches to integrate seismic risk assessments into the decision-making process of healthcare facilities management. A series of case studies aimed at evaluating the seismic risk of several hospital campuses in the Lower Mainland will be used to validate the methods. The project aims to utilize building inventory data developed through a visual screenings of seismic vulnerability to develop models to estimate seismic damage, economic losses and levels of functionality associated with different ground motion shaking intensities. Two hospital campuses will be evaluated under realistic scenario earthquakes to inform emergency management response and identify possible mitigation measures.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carlos Molina Hutt


Preetish Kakoty


Bush, Bohlman & Partners


Engineering - civil


Other services (except public administration)


University of British Columbia



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