Energy harvesting

The intern will research and develop an Energy Harvesting Device (EHD) prototype. This device will be used to power a Cargo Security Device (CSD) as well as charge the battery for the CSD. The reason for the battery is that the proposed EHD will not produce energy at all times but the CSD needs to continually be powered. The CSD is a unique tracking device used on large marine containers. The power requirements for the CSD are low but the device must function for several years with little to no human interaction. The objective of the EHD is to convert energy created by vibrations and shocks during the travel of the containers as well as the energy created by varying temperatures during the day into electrical energy to power the CSD. The device will be concealed and will allow the CSD developed by TekTrap to run continuously for many years, possibly allowing it to function indefinitely. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Eric Lanteigne


Joël Carbonneau


TekTrap Systems


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


University of Ottawa



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