Energy management and optimization of airport terminals with the focus on green and net-zero energy solutions

This project is a collaboration between Vantage Airport Group Ltd. and Dr. Krishna Vijayaraghavan research group at SFU to identify best current sustainable practices in the airport industry. The focus of this project is on the economic and environmental aspect of sustainability, and this research aims to identify the best terminal and hub design practices that can minimize the energy consumption with the focus on green and net-zero energy solutions. The ultimate goal of this project is to contribute to Vantage’s long-term efforts to develop and operate airport terminals with a minimum total cost of ownership and environmental impact by identifying existing best practices in airport terminals design and operations. Since 1994 Vancouver-based Vantage Airport Group has developed or operated 31 airports around the world and currently manages ten assets in Canada, the US, and overseas. For development projects, Vantage typically teams up with investors, architects, and builders and contributes to the project as an experienced airport operator and owner representative.

Faculty Supervisor:

Krishna Vijayaraghavan


Sasan Ebrahimi


Vantage Airport Group Ltd.


Engineering - mechanical





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