Engaging stakeholders to evaluate alternatives in energy system planning through agentbased automated negotiation Year Two

The objective of this project is to improve long-term planning of Alberta’s electricity system infrastructure in collaboration with an industry sponsor, Alberta Electricity System Operator (AESO). The project aims at engaging stakeholders in a regional planning exercise in southern Alberta by a detailed exploration of their perspectives when evaluating energy system alternatives. This was identified by AESO as being a pressing gap in their current practice. The objective will be achieved through the development of an agent-based negotiation model that will act as a virtual laboratory in which computer agents, acting on behalf of stakeholders, will examine scenarios of energy system development and negotiate to find the alternative that satisfies them the most, considering economic, social and environmental aspects. The project will allow AESO to engage in a transformation in decision making and will deliver knowledge that will support them in achieving their mandate by improving their planning process.

Faculty Supervisor:

Danielle Marceau


Majeed Pooyandeh


Alberta Electricity System Operator




Information and communications technologies


University of Calgary



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