Engendering Dialogue and Meaningful Participation Among Constituencies Working Toward Ending Homelessness in Victoria, BC


Social exclusion is a major issue facing people in poverty and who experience homelessness. Participation in decisions affecting them, importantly, the development of programs to address housing and supports, is a key component of both inclusion and provision of appropriate services. The purpose of the research is to explore, develop, and document guidelines, mechanisms and policies based on promising practices that support meaningful inclusion of people impacted by homelessness and poverty within the work of the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness (GVCEH). Based on findings from a scoping review of the literature, guidelines, policy and implementation processes for meaningful inclusion will be developed in collaboration with people impacted by poverty and homelessness in the Capital Region of British Columbia, and submitted for ratification by the GVCEH and inclusion in their ongoing policy and practices for engaging stakeholder groups.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bernadette Pauly


Trudy Norman


Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness





University of Victoria



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