Engineering design and software development for a medical device prototype of Mespere’s breakthrough non-invasive central venous pressure monitor.

Mespere Lifesciences Inc. (Waterloo, ON) has developed a technology platform based upon near infrared spectroscopy for non-invasive, real time monitoring of the hemodynamics within central venous blood vessels. The project engineer will help in the development of a beta version of a handheld non-invasive central venous pressure monitor. Mespere currently has a working prototype based on a laptop and the new and clear requirements and execution plan for the development of a final commercial product. The project will include a representative product engineering design for Mespere’s patented near infrared light based handheld CVP monitor consisting of a display, touch screen and processor, to non-invasively measure central venous pressure in clinical patients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rajni Patel


Melissa Perri


Mespere Lifesciences




Medical devices


Western University



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