Enhanced UV Treatment of Fluids through Fluid Instabilities

Ultraviolet reactors are currently used on a commercial scale to disinfect fluids such as drinking water and secondary effluent. However, current reactor designs are limited in their ability to treat optically thick fluids, due to the short penetration of the UV in these fluids. New reactor designs are required to overcome this problem. This internship will use computer modeling to simulate the behaviour of a novel reactor for treating fluids with UV radiation. The modeling will help to determine the critical design parameters for treating various fluids. Through these simulations, TROJANUV, a developer of water treatment solutions, will gain insights into the design and operating parameters for this reactor. More important, the research will provide general knowledge about the behaviour of UV reactors in cases where the UV penetration is poor, and how to overcome this challenge. This project is in partnership with the Canadian Water Network.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ajay Ray


Mahmoud Housyn






Environmental industry


Western University



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