Enhancement of a Pharmacogenomic Treatment Decision Support Tool for Schizophrenia – Year two

The GeneSight (GS) Psychotropic Test (AssureRx Health, Inc.) measures individual variations in drug-related genes and recommends optimal drug choices for individual patients. A clinical study will be conducted to validate novel gene markers of antipsychotic-induced weight gain for use in an enhanced version of GS. Sarah Groleau will be responsible for genotyping DNA from 600 schizophrenia patients to evaluate which of the significant gene variants (UofT/CAMH) predict the most troubling side effect of antipsychotic medications: weight gain and metabolic syndrome. She will also be involved in economic analyses of financial burden in failed treatments, with MaRS EXCITE, to position the GS tests for OHIP reimbursement. In addition, Sarah will shadow ARxC personnel, gaining exposure to all aspects of the company’s function. Sarah’s project will provide AssureRx Canada with substantial intellectual capital and access to research expertise at CAMH, enabling accelerated timelines for AssureRx product release and Ministry of Health licensing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jim Kennedy


Sarah Groleau


AssureRx Canada




Life sciences


University of Toronto



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