Enhancement of Control Software Implementation for an Automated Specimen Processing Robotic System

The project aims to enhance design control software that drives an automated specimen processing robotic system. This robotic system automates the processes of biological specimen containers handling and labelling. It is used to increase the productivity of microbiology laboratories and quality of their results. This robotic system controller handles hundreds of specimen containers in a single run. The task requires operating tens of motors simultaneously, which increases the complexity of the controller software significantly. Moreover the system motion patterns should be customizable by the operator instead of the current factory customization. The project targets the enhancement of the currently implemented complex control software without compromising reliability and performance. This will be done by adding various operation modes dictated by customers’ feedback. Switching between modes must be easily accessible and should not introduce a performance bottle necks. Also each mode operation must be verified and optimized.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Magdy Salama


Wafik Moussa


Dynacon Inc.




Medical devices


University of Waterloo



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