Enhancement of methane oxidation in bio-based landfill covers by increasing aeration

Organic waste disposal in landfills can produce a massive amount of methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. Once the landfill is filled, it is usually capped by a clay cover or geomembrane that can trap methane but not reduce it. Changing a part of the conventional cover by compost to make a biocover provides appropriate conditions for methane consumption by methane-oxidizing bacteria. In the landfill environment, oxygen can diffuse into the biocover from the atmosphere and be used by bacteria; however, it cannot penetrate the compost deeply. Therefore, oxygen supply to deeper layers can increase the efficiency of the biocover in methane removal. This project will enhance the aeration of biocovers by (1) increasing the porosity of the compost and (2) air injection from the bottom of the biocover. This will be done through laboratory experiments with columns filled by composts collected from a biocover.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qiuyan Yuan


Parvin Berenjkar


KGS Group


Engineering - civil



University of Manitoba



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