Enhancement of power system security using synchrophasor data

This research project investigates how to improve the security of operation of a power system using measurements taken at several locations of the power system. In the past, there was no technology available to synchronize these measured data, and thus the applications were limited. Now, the technology has advanced and the measured data can be synchronized using Global Positioning Satelittes (GPS). We investigate two different approaches for enhancing system stability and thus security. In one approach, the synchrophasor data is used along with traditional Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. The combined data set will then be used to determine the transient stability margin of the operating state of the power system. This will allow the system operator to operate the power system with the desired stability margin. The other approach is to use the synchrophasor data in a feedback system to enhance the transient stability and oscillatory stability of the power system. This improves the stability margin. Both these approaches are investigated under the research cluster described in this proposal.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Udaya Annakkage




RTDS Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Manitoba



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