Enhancement of Turbulence Models for Airframe Flow Simulations

The numerical simulation of turbulent flows is an important component in the process of the aircraft aerodynamic design and development. The computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solvers used for predicting the aerodynamic forces and moments should be capable of accurately predicting turbulence effects. Such accuracy is crucial to efficiently design aircrafts with improved quality and performance. The objective of this internship is to improve the performance of the RANS turbulence models in Bombardier’s in-house multiblock structured CFD solver in which the existing Spalart-Allmaras, K-omega and K-omega SST turbulence models are discretized with a finite-difference scheme. The internship will first target on improving the spatial discretization for turbulence transport equations by implementing finite volume based method which is consistent with that of the flow equations. Also efficient implicit iterative solvers for the turbulence model will be investigated to speed up the convergence. Moreover, the recent turbulence model corrections and correlations available in the literature will be reviewed and implemented. The outcome of the project is expected to improve the accuracy and robustness of the Bombardier in-house CFD solver on airframe turbulent flow simulations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Marius Paraschivoiu


Matin Komeili


Bombardier Aerospace


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


Concordia University



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