Enhancing Blockchain Security and Performance for Health Records

To prevent and/or recover from pandemics Molecular You plans to use their MyPDx solution that runs over Hyperledger Indy, a self-sovereign identity and health data platform to provide access to researchers, machine learning and analytics applications to data. However, Hyperledger Indy compatible blockchains, such as Sovrin, suffer from scalability limitations. This means when the size of a network grows, message complexity grows exponentially along with memory and processing time, resulting in significant performance degradation. Therefore, inclusion of partners (hospitals, research groups etc.) in the network will not be possible due to scalability limitation. This limits scientific collaboration, diversity and access to data. To prevent this, our proposed project aims to improve the scalability of the underlying blockchain consensus algorithm in Hyperledger Indy compatible blockchains so that the network can accommodate more participants without compromising its performance and security. Hence, providing a high-performance platform for research and collaboration.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chen Feng;Victoria Lemieux


Mohammad Mussadiq Jalalzai


Molecular You Corporation




Health care and social assistance




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