Enhancing New comers Integration: Mapping of Social Netw orks w ithin Toronto East Local Immigration Partnership. A Pilot Project


The purpose of this project is to explore the dynamics w ithin the Toronto East Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) by creating visual representations of the interconnections betw een the members involved in the Partnership. This research aims to use social network analysis to assess the relationships w ithin the Partnership in order to identify individuals that are centrally located in the netw ork as w ell as w ho is on the periphery. By visualizing the members’ location w ithin the netw ork, the Toronto East LIP w ill be able to enhance its collaboration,  communication flow s and overall effectiveness, w hich w ill hopefully improve, in turn, the current service delivery of immigration services. Ideally, these improvements should also facilitate the social and economic inclusion of new ly arrived immigrants. Since this particular research project is a pilot project, Meta Strategies hopes it has the potential of being replicated in all the other local LIPs across Toronto and even Ontario.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rupaleem Bhuyan


Raluca Bejan


Meta Strategies


Social work




University of Toronto



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