Enhancing Prosthetic Socket Performance

For people with lower limb amputations, the interface between the amputated limb and a prosthetic socket is very important. Suspension, or how the socket is held on the limb, is one factor that affects a person’s ability to walk efficiently and safely, movement confidence, limb health, and quality of life. This project will assess, evaluate, and identify area for improvement for new state-of-the-art elevated vacuum suspension systems that could improve functional aspects of socket suspension and also help control limb volume changes that adversely affect socket fit. In addition to mechanical testing, the CAREN-Extended virtual reality system will be used to test prosthetic performance across a range of simulated walking scenarios. The project outcomes will be used by an industry leader in the prosthetics field to create components that can improve the lives of people with lower limb amputations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ed Lemaire


Hossein Gholizadeh Vazvani





Medical devices


University of Ottawa



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