Enhancing service quality in community health care through preference-based scheduling

In this project, the intern will develop an integrated patients and care givers scheduling system for the allocation of health care resources in community health care. This system provides patients with an online preference collecting interface for them to express their preferences on time, location, and care givers when estimating their service costs and booking a service appointment. In addition, the system will also provide care givers with the opportunity to express their preferences and availability constraints in taking service appointments. The objective of the system is to enhance patients’ and care givers’ satisfaction by optimizing their preferences in the scheduling process. The system also accommodates dynamic changes from both patients and care givers during and after the scheduling process. The optimized service configuration, lowered service costs, superb user experience and time-saving benefits provided by the proposed system will attract more patients and care givers to require and provide their services through the Medialpha platform. By providing such a service to their customers, Medialpha materializes its vision of making everyone win in healthcare by providing great customer experience to the patients, clinics and other partners.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chun Wang


Zhijie Xie






Life sciences


Concordia University



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