Enhancing the Economic and Social Impacts of Community Foundations in Rural Manitoba

Manitoba’s 55 community foundations (CF) play a critical role in community development. These CFs are committed to building their community for generations to enjoy yet each are unique in their experiences and capacities. Many CFs capacities are stretched and they are pulled between advancing their organizational and operational capacities in order to plan for and achieve specific social and economic goals, while also being attentive to their communities’ priorities and responsive to issues such as governance, transparency, and accountability. This project’s goal is to bridge this gap and enhance the social and economic impact of CFs in Manitoba. This project employs a mixed methods approach for completing its two objectives. The first includes identifying data requirements for developing forecasts on the asset growth and economics impacts of CFs in Manitoba; the second uses a collaborative process to design models for enhancing the grant making capacity of Manitoba’s CFs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wayne Kelly;Cora Dupuis;Manish Pandey


Georgette Nyankson


The Winnipeg Foundation




Other services (except public administration)




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