Enhancing the Functionality of Zinc Anodes in Repaired Concrete/Material

Mitigating the corrosion of reinforcement in RC structures is a critical issue for Canada’s civil infrastructure, especially with the continual use of deicing salts during winter. This pilot study will provide crucial information on the functional range of resistivity of repair materials/concretes and anode spacing, which will optimize the efficiency of an economical technology (zinc anodes) at protecting embedded reinforcement from the risk of corrosion. It is envisioned that results from this study and potentially any forthcoming project on zinc anodes will contribute to the wider use of zinc anodes in vital facilities (e.g. transportation infrastructure), without issues of patch accelerated corrosion (halo effect); hence, this will help improve the serviceability and longevity of many vital facilities such as bridge structures, which will inevitably reduce their life cycle costs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohamed Bassuoni


Ahmed Bediwy


Vector Corrosion Technologies Ltd


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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