Environment and Health

Significant scientific knowledge gaps remain with respect to nuclear power production and impacts on the environment and the community. Four specific research areas for interns have been identified to help resolve some of the issues or gaps in knowledge. The specific areas of research include: (A) determining appropriate thresholds for animal population-level effects, (B) assessing the movement and speciation of low level radioisotopes found in the environment near nuclear plants, (C) understanding the effects of very low-dose radiation on humans and biota, and (D) improving health care and research for important stakeholders from aboriginal communities associated with nuclear power production. By partnering with Bruce Power on a multi-year, multi-intern project, we hope to make significant research advances and to help close the knowledge gap in these areas. Project interns will be expected to work closely with Bruce Power staff and/or subcontractors in order to collect samples, validate measurements, and transfer research results to the industrial partner.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jeroen Thompson


Tomas Urlich


Bruce Power






McMaster University



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