Enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat straw derived xylo-oligomers stream into monomeric sugars

The proposed research project is around re conducting feasibility studies on the purification and conditioning of industrial hemicellulosic C5 sugars from a number of potentially commercial wheat straw liquor fractions. The research will propose experiments where data for the ultimate evaluation of enzymatic hydrolysis vs. a selected comparative list of acid hydrolysis can be included. The purpose is in acquiring a detailed analysis of the potential monomeric sugars.
With one representative product, we would also like to gain a preliminary understanding regarding the efficacy of enzymatic hydrolysis of a soluble wheat straw xylan stream. The end goal of this potential collaboration is to compare dilute acid to enzymatic hydrolysis and identify downstream impacts on proprietary catalytic hydrogenolysis conversion processes.
Faculty Supervisor:

Jack (John) N Saddler


Jinguang Hu


S2G BioChem


Engineering - mechanical




University of British Columbia



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