Epigenetic effects of smolt-to-adult rearing in Atlantic Salmon

Stocking remains an important component of managing and conserving Atlantic Salmon populations, but it also has the potential to cause negative effects to wild populations. To understand the cause of these effects and the potential consequences of using a smolt-to-adult supplementation approach we will use cutting edge technology to investigate epigenetic changes in captive reared salmon. Epigenetic changes do not alter the genetic makeup of the fish but cause changes in the way genes are expressed which can affect their ability to survive. We will compare epigenetic differences between salmon raised from smolt-adult in a hatchery with wild fish as well as changes if these changes are observed in their offspring. The results of this research will help assess the risks of smolt-adult supplementation to wild populations and help improve captive rearing protocols to reduce impacts to wild populations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tommi Linnansaari;Louis Bernatchez


Kyle Wellband


Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow Inc.








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