Ergonomic analysis of air seeder control system

Buhler Versatile Inc. (BVI) is in the process of making design improvements to its air seeding equipment. The intern will be tasked with completing an ergonomic evaluation of the air seeder control system, with specific emphasis on the design of the displays used to provide information to the air seeder operator. Proposed modifications to the existing displays will be based on situation awareness design principles. Properly designed displays enable the operator to 1) detect changes in system status, 2) understand the implications of the change in system status, and 3) project the consequences if no corrective action is taken. Displays designed according to these principles enable more efficient operation of the system by the operator. It is anticipated that BVI will gain an understanding of the changes required to their air seeder control system to improve it’s usability by air seeder operators.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Danny Mann


Aadesh Rakhra


Buhler Versatile Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Manitoba



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