Establishing the Enabling Conditions Required to Facilitate Indigenous-led Nature Based Greenhouse Gas Offset Projects in Canada

Canada is a signatory to global commitments to reduce greenhouse gas levels and one important way this will happen is through the implementation of nature-based solutions for climate change. One example of natural climate solutions is GHG offsets based on restoration, protection and establishment of forests, wetlands, grasslands and peatland areas. Indigenous Peoples are critical to the success of natural climate solutions. Understanding the conditions under which these projects can be enabled is a critical component of establishing Indigenous-led nature based GHG offset projects at a scale and speed that is meaningful for climate change action.
The proposed research will expand on the concept of enabling conditions by creating a framework of enabling conditions specific to Indigenous-led nature based GHG offsets then testing this framework in various case studies which represent actualized, viable projects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Robin Roth;Ben Bradshaw


Kathrine Mary-Kate Craig


Nature United (ON)


Environmental sciences


Other services (except public administration)


University of Guelph



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