Establishment of a Pressure Ulcer Biobank from Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Pressure ulcers (PUs) are a major health problem in people with spinal cord injuries (SCIs). PUs increase hospital admissions, with 25% of SCI treatment cost linked to PU management. Currently, treatment is limited and new therapeutic options are required. Wound fluid from PUs is invaluable for researchers as it allows a detailed study of the disease. However, no system is in place to systematically collect and store SCI PU wound fluid in British Columbia. In response, the aim of this proposal is to collaborate with the Rick Hansen Institute (RHI) to establish a PU biobank. The RHI have access to large numbers of SCI patients and have developed a non-invasive technique to extract would fluid from PUs. Together, this biobank will provide an invaluable tool for researchers and assist with the overall goal of RHI to accelerate the translation of discoveries into improved treatments for people with SCIs.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Granville


Sho Hiroyasu


Rick Hansen Institute




Medical devices




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