Establishment of an X-ray CT and FTIR mouse brain reference atlas

The intern will construct a 3D atlas of the mouse brain, constructed using multiple biomedical and chemical imaging techniques. The atlas will aid visualization of the 3D distribution of brain metabolites and biomolecules.. The atlas will be a powerful research and teaching resource with its multi disciplinary approach to processing and visualizing data collected at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) synchrotron. Biochemical imaging of the brain’s regional composition and metabolic processes will reveal new structural and functional information. The atlas will also serve as a control reference for the Saskatchewan Cerebrovascular Centre’s ongoing stroke research. A greater understanding of the brain’s biochemical response to stroke will lead to new insights in medical imaging and clinical therapie

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael E Kelly


Miranda Messmer


Canadian Light Source Inc.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology



University of Saskatchewan



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