Estimating Design Loads for Energy Infrastructure due to High Intensity Wind

The objectives of this project are to develop and validate numerical and analytical tools to evaluate the critical loads on energy infrastructures, focusing on transmission lines (TLs) and nuclear power plants (NPP) due to high intensity wind (HIW) in the form of tornadoes and downbursts. There is a clear lack of tools used to estimate the forces required for the design of energy infrastructures to resist HIW events. The new tools will assist the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (BLWTL), the industrial sponsor, to assist clients from the utility industry in Canada. Also, the tools are expected to have a strong market within the utility companies in other countries susceptible to HIW events such as USA, Australia, Asia and South Africa. The BLWTL is well known worldwide as the leader of wind engineering research and development, and knowledge transfer applications related to synoptic winds. This project will maintain the leadership of the organization and will enhance its reputation worldwide in this emerging area of HIW.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ashraf El Damatty


Haitham Aboshosha


Alan G. Davenport Wind Engineering Group


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


Western University



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