Estimating Market Potential and Location-Allocation for Land-Use Modelling

As Lowe’s Companies Incorporated expands their organization across Canada they face tough decisions about where to locate new retail stores. These decisions take place at different scales and require choices to be made about what towns or cities would benefit from a new home improvement center and where within these towns or cities the center should be located. This project extends traditional site-location analysis and develops new approaches and customized tools to assess the best locations for new stores. More broadly, the project establishes a baseline of analysis routines that can be incorporated into models of land-use change to evaluate how drivers of retail site selection change over time.

Faculty Supervisor:


Andrei Balulescu, Mihai Bogdan Caradima & Yunwei Dong


Lowe's Companies Canada Inc.


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Management of companies and enterprises


University of Waterloo



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