Estimating the benefit of green infrastructure to urban ecosystems: A synthesis and case-study

Globally cities are expanding and this has a negative impact on natural systems. Green infrastructure (GI), such as green roofs, retention ponds, or urban tree canopies, is used to mitigate the impacts of extreme weather and provide resources for people in the city. However, GI can also provide a benefit for native species and wildlife by providing a habitat for them to live. Although this is commonly suggested, to our knowledge, no one has attempted to quantify the effects of GI on natural systems. Within this project, we will conduct a literature review and use available data to quantify the response of natural systems to different levels of GI implementation for the City of Toronto and region. Implications from this research will reduce the human impact on ecosystems and contribute to sustainability in the world.

Faculty Supervisor:

J. Scott MacIvor


Alessandro Filazzola


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority




Environmental industry




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