Estimation of required efforts for information technology projects

The general objective of this research project is to enable a consulting firm to produce more accurate estimates for information technology (IT) projects. More specifically, the general objective consists of two sub-objectives, namely to: (1) determine the causes of estimation errors in the needs-analysis phase of IT projects; and (2) use new tools to correct such causes of error, thereby reducing the gap between current estimates and accurate appraisals. Since the ability to estimate IT projects is a vital function for the consulting firm, enhancing this ability will help the firm scope projects more accurately and improve profit margins. Following this research initiative, the consulting firm will enjoy a better understanding of estimation techniques and be endowed with more effective tools to carry out estimates on future projects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Benoit Aubert


Philippe Rousseau


Alogient Inc.




Information and communications technologies


HEC Montréal



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