Evaluating Attitudes Towards Needle Use, Experience with Needlestick Injuries, and the Uptake of a Needle-Safety Device Among Research Workers in British Columbia

Among healthcare workers the yearly global needlestick prevalence is 35.1%, which is expected to be much greater due to 30-50% needlesticks going unreported, putting a large number of workers at risk for contracting dangerous diseases and infections. However, data is lacking on how animal care and research personnel experience needlesticks compared to healthcare workers. Our study will investigate needle use and injuries in these neglected professions and determine underlying reasons that influence adherence to needle safety recommendations. We will further determine if an alternative approach to needle recapping by providing workers with the option to safely recap needles will affect feelings towards working with needles and help reduce needlestick injuries.

DECAP Research & Development envisions a future with no needlestick injuries. We design innovative easy-touse products with the purpose of reducing needlestick injuries and provide users with alternate ways to use needles that do not put their safety at risk.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ian Welch


Yi Xue (Ina) Na


DECAP Research and Development Inc






University of British Columbia


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