Evaluating dining improvements in Schlegel Villages

This project is focused on evaluating dining improvements being implemented by the partner organization, Schlegel Villages (SV). The first study involves one SV where the CHOICE+ Program is currently being piloted. CHOICE+ is a team-based approach to making physical and psychosocial improvement. The team is guided by Champions to make these changes over time; changes include small physical improvements (e.g. music), as well as education and training to support relationship-centred principles for dining. Interviews and questionnaires with residents, families and staff will be completed to determine their perceptions of these improvements. A second study will be conducted to compare the impact of blue and white dishware on resident food intake (the primary outcome). It is hypothesized that the darker colour dishes will provide greater contrast and will thus improve intake. Evaluation is timely for these initiatives as the partner organization and will support its scale and spread across 19 homes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Heather Keller


Rachael Donnelly


Schlegel Villages Inc




Medical devices




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