Evaluating Gradients of Natural and Induced Stress on Fish Blood Parameters; Developing more accurate results from Point-of-Care Devices

The point-of-care i-STAT and VETSCAN units are easily portable blood-based assessment tools that can produce relevant blood parameters within minutes with only 2-3 drops of blood. The objective of this study is to examine both natural and investigator-applied stress gradients in fishes and compare blood chemistry of fishes from a range of environments (e.g., low to high stress). Investigations will occur in the lab and in the field at IISD- Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), where field data from devices will be compared to standard laboratory methods in the University of Manitoba in order to produce a point-of-care instrument better suited for fish. With the completion of this project, IIED-ELA will have greater knowledge about the current fish population within lakes, as well as access to devices that can be used in the field collect fish health data.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Rennie


Tyler Ripku


IISD Experimental Lakes Area Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


Lakehead University



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