Evaluating options for the experimental design of an integrated green roof and rainwater cistern

Green roof and water cistern technologies are increasingly becoming important components of sustainable building practices and urban water management. However, the two technologies are rarely designed as an integrated system. This goal of this project is develop an experimental design to test the reuse of cistern water for irrigation in green roofs. This experiment will be designed for the new research facilities of the Green Roof Innovation Testing Laboratory at the University of Toronto. We plan to review scientific literature on water reuse in green roofs as well as water quality monitoring equipment and methods. This will allow us to develop different experimental design and budget options. The literature review, technical drawing, and costing of monitoring equipment and lab tests will be compiled into a written report, which will serve as the basis for discussions with potential industry partners when applying for additional government research funding.

Faculty Supervisor:

Liat Margolis


Omar Bawab



Environmental sciences



University of Toronto


Globalink Research Award

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