Evaluating Sustainable Governance for Non-Profit Organizations in Rural Canada

Non-profit organizations play an increasingly important role in rural regions. Yet, these organizations are chronically lacking in capacity, including being both understaffed and underfinanced, as well as having high turnover rates and loss of institutional memory as a result. This research project aims to explore how non-profit organizations and charities in rural communities deliver their mandate in light of these challenges, with a particular emphasis on human resources. The objective is to identify and understand the critical factors that contribute to successful governance of their organizations and what strategies and practices have been successful in other places. This research will conduct 3-5 case studies on rural based non-profit organizations and/or charities to determine how they finance human resource supports, and what lessons learned may be transferable to other cases.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryan Gibson


Katie Allen


Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation


Environmental sciences


Management of companies and enterprises




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