Evaluating synergism effects of selected plant extract compounds with metal-based antimicrobials for their antibacterial and anti-biofilm potency.

The progression of bacterial antimicrobials resistance (AMR) has led us to an era that urgently requires alternative antimicrobial therapies. Metal-based antimicrobials (MBA) are increasingly seen as part of the solution. Several metals are already extensively used to prevent and treatment of infections. Silver/copper ionizers are presently used to control pathogens in Canadian hospital water distributions systems. Similarly, in agricultural practices of crop and livestock management, and in the food processing industry, we see increased use of metals to control bacterial infections and contaminations. Combination therapy is very useful method for treatment of multi drug resistance (MDR) and biofilm-associated infections. Plant natural product extracts and molecules are an excellent group of molecules to consider to complement MBAs. Therefore, our partnership will explore synergism effects of MBAs with CCrest’s proprietary plant extract compounds (PBC) for their antibacterial and anti-biofilm potency. New formulations will be identified and their efficacy against AMR and MDR pathogens and various resistance strains will be evaluated. Outcomes of this project will provide novel antimicrobials useful for a variety of applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Raymond Turner


Ali Pormohammad






Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Calgary



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