Evaluating Team Unbreakable: A learn-to-run program for adolescent mental health

Given the rise in adolescent mental health concerns, Canadian secondary schools are increasingly focused on implementing programs aimed at improving mental resilience in students. One such program is Team Unbreakable, a 10-week, learn-to-run program that is based on four theoretically driven program components: goal-oriented, group-structured, within the school context, and physical activity based. This program has been implemented in 117 schools, with nearly 10,000 students participating over the last five years across southern Ontario. Unfortunately, this program has yet to be evaluated. The present collaboration proposes a research study to explore the effectiveness and acceptability of this program. Students will be asked to complete a self-report questionnaire on key outcome indicators and participate in semi-structured interviews to discuss their program experiences. The findings from this evaluation will guide the growth and development of this program as Team Unbreakable goes through critical structural changes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Catherine Sabiston


Alyona Koulanova


Team Unbreakable




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